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Twining Vine Seed Store

Twining Vine Seed Store

Our little patch of Eden is constantly evolving to include a greater diversity of native plants as well as rare and hard to find species and varieties from around the world. Our selection is slowly growing to include heirloom tomatoes, magnolias and peonies.

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Feature Articles

Louis van Houtte (1810–1876) Louis van Houtte

Born in 1810 Belgium, Louis van Houtte was to become one of that nation's greatest plant explorers and nurserymen. A biographical sketch newly translated by Judith M. Taylor MD from the 1911 original. More...

Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata - The Dove Tree

'To my mind Davidia involucrata is at once the most interesting and beautiful of all trees of the north-temperate flora….

Hers' Juliana LilacHers' Juliana Lilac

The International Registrar of Lilacs, Freek Vrugtman, discuses his search for the legendary lilac discovered by Joseph Hers in China almost 100 years ago.

Explorers, the Scottish Plant Hunters' Garden
Scottish Plant Collectors' Garden

Nick Dawson writes about establishing the new Scottish Plant Collectors' Garden in Pitlochry, Scotland.

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